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About the Arist

Lydia Smith is a 24 year-old self-taught artist who has been drawing most her life. As a toddler, she was constantly on the look out for something to do, whether it was making a masterpiece on the back of a couch with sharpie, decorating the floor with hot chocolate, or giving some design to the driveway with eggs. It was only until her mother gave her a pencil & paper that she discovered her interest in drawing. 

Around the age of 15 she began to really take her art seriously and started expanding the variety of mediums she used and the things she drew. She started practicing wildlife, which she has always loved and specializes in today. The Montana and Idaho wilderness have been a big inspiration to her work.


Besides the art, Lydia is an outdoor enthusiast and conservationist. She was also born for the love of horses  and currently owns a wild mustang that she tamed and trained herself. In the last 5-6 years, Lydia has gained a deep passion for hunting. She didn't grow up in a hunting family, but she always loved the idea of it and one day decided to go through hunters ed to get her license. Like drawing, she is a self-taught hunter, but has had lots of help and direction along the way. Specifically in elk calling which she now competes in competitions regularly. To her, the contests are fun and a great way to meet new people, but the real action and adrenaline in calling happens in the woods during the elk rut. 

Nowadays, she tends to mainly focus her artwork toward the hunting industry and donates multiple originals to non-profit banquets each year. If it's to help the wildlife, she's all for it. 

Personal Achievements 

2015 Idaho Extreme Mustang Makeover - Youth Division (3rd Place)

2017 World Elk Calling Championships - Women's Division Champion

2017 Idaho State Champion Elk Calling - Women's Division (1st Place)

2018 World Elk Calling Championships - Women's Division (3rd Place)

2018 Idaho State Champion Elk Calling - Women's Division (1st Place) 

2019 WHCE Elk Calling Contest - Amateur Class (2nd Place)
2019 Final RMEF Regional Elk Calling Contest - Women's Division (2nd Place)


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