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Art Classes

I offer personal art classes to help anyone increase their skills as an artist. Things to look forward to are learning about; shading, shapes, textures, drawing techniques, depth of field, anatomy, atmosphere, animal behavior, and more. We will focus mostly on landscapes, wildlife and other animals since thats what I specialize in. 

What I offer:

Ages 8-12

Every Tuesday

$30 each session

50-60 minutes long

Ages 13+

Every Wednesday 

$35 each session

50-60 minutes long

One to one classes 

Contact for scheduling

$50 each session

Time varies 

All students must buy their own materials.

List of things you'll need:

- Sketch book or some form of drawing paper

- Pencil

- Eraser

- Sharpener 

Other items that are recommended:

- Multiple pencil shades (ex. 2b, 4b, 8b)

- Charcoal pencils

- Pastel pencils

- Kneaded eraser (leaves no shavings)

- Paper Stumps (very useful for blending)

To sign up for a class, please contact Lydia at (208) 520-1202. Both calls and texts accepted. Or email

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